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Families fall in love with wire-haired dachshunds. Their shaggy coat and unique beard & mustache make them approachable and endear children and adults alike. Their coat requires special maintenance to look its best, though.

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Caring for Your Short-Haired Dachshunds Puppy


To keep their coat looking its best, owners should brush their wire-haired dachshund puppies several times a week. This will help remove debris that may have caught into their coat while keeping the hair healthy.

Wire-haired dachshunds have a dense undercoat. This undercoat will need to be stripped twice a year, preferably during the spring and autumn.


Wire-haired dogs require bathing at least every other month. A lot of owners choose to bathe them once a month, which helps keep them smelling better.

With regular brushing, you may be able to wash your wire-haired dog as little as every 3 months–especially if they don’t spend much time outside.

Nails & Teeth

As any breed, you should look to clip your wire-haired dachshund’s nails and brush their teeth regularly. You should brush your dog’s teeth at least 3 times a week, though more is preferable.